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Naked Eyes & XPropaganda

June 27, 2022 XPropaganda and Naked Eyes Season 2 Episode 21
The New Wave Music Podcast
Naked Eyes & XPropaganda
Show Notes

Season 2, Episode 21 - T-Bone and Steve review Naked Eyes 2021 album "Disguise the Limit."
We also give our thoughts on the new 2022 album from XPropaganda, "The Heart is Strange."

We found out the players on Disguise The Limit after recording, and would like to give them the credit they deserve:

Neil Taylor - Electric Guitar
James Terris - Synths
Charles Scott - Synths

In music news we discuss new singles from Simple Minds, Bananarama and Katrina & The Waves.   

Finally,  we have Lost 80's Live tour dates and line ups, as well as recent concerts we attended: The Violent Femmes, and The Fixx.

Naked Eyes - Disguise the Limit

XPropaganda - The Heart is Strange

Lost 80's Live

The Violent Femmes Tour Dates

The Fixx Tour Dates

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